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4 min readJan 10, 2023

At playzap, we always strive to simplify the playing experience and bring exciting ways to reward our players. This time we are introducing BUSD contests and this is the guide for our players to learn how to play, win & withdraw.

Step 1: Understand PlayZap Wallet

  • Go to the Wallet section of the PlayZap app
  • The wallet section shows your all game currencies and token along with the current balance that can be used in the game
  • You will see 16 digit wallet address on the top. tap on View Wallet
  • It will open a PlayZap wallet that shows your same wallet address and the currency listed below
  • We recommend you explore a little to understand how a wallet works and what kind of functionality it offers
  • You can have a more detailed explanation here
PlayZap wallet

Step 2: Deposit BUSD & BNB tokens to the wallet

  • On the wallet, Tap on receive icon
  • Copy the wallet address or use the QR code to receive
  • Now, open your external wallet or exchange app where you keep the BUSD. If you do not have it, we´d recommend you buy it on the Binance exchange app or use a wallet like MetaMask to keep it ready
  • Send your BUSD to PlayZap Wallet address and use the BEP20 chain to make a transfer
  • You will see your BUSD token in the PlayZap app when your transfer is successful. You will see the BUSD value on the wallet section or at the top of the screen
  • Similarly, deposit a small amount of BNB account to cover the gas fee during the transaction. (we´d suggest depositing $1-$5 worth of BNB tokens for the gas fee)
Deposit BUSD & BNB

Step 3: Use BUSD to participate

  • Select a game that you would like to play
  • Select a contest you would like to participate in that has BUSD as winnings or an entry fee
  • Select Join Tournament
  • The confirmation pop-up takes your permission to deduct the required BUSD as an entry fee and the gas fee in BNB to confirm your participation. It takes 1–3s register the transaction on the blockchain
  • Once confirmed, you will proceed to play your turn
  • Once your turn is over, you will proceed to result in the screen where you can see your score and position on the leaderboard
  • Once the contest is over (when all players play their turn), the prize pool will be rewarded to the winner(s)

Step 4: Receive winning BUSD

  • When you are the winner of the contest, you will receive the winnings immediately in the PlayZap Wallet. Your BUSD will be updated as soon as winnings are deposited to your wallet (sometimes it takes a few seconds to verify)
  • You can check transaction activity in the history section

Step 5: Transfer BUSD to an external wallet

  • You can transfer your tokens to any external wallet of your choice. There is no limitation
  • Open the PlayZap wallet
  • Select the token you would like to transfer
  • Select ´Send´ and fill in your external wallet address
  • Confirm the transaction

We hope this would be helpful for you. if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to write us at and one of our team members will help you further.

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