Guideline for $PZP Token Holders in KCC Chain Participating in MojitoSwap IDO

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2 min readOct 14, 2023

This guideline is specifically tailored to $PZP investors who currently hold $PZP tokens within the KCC chain and have participated in the initial DEX offering (IDO) round on MojitoSwap.

The Playzap team has made several attempts to establish contact with the MojitoSwap team in order to collaborate on resolving issues faced by KCC investors. Regrettably, these efforts have gone unanswered. As a result, Playzap has taken the initiative to provide a custom bridging solution for IDO investors holding $PZP tokens within the KCC chain, facilitating their migration to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


  1. Submission of bridge requests starting on the 19th of the month.
  2. The Playzap team will have a 2-day window to review all incoming requests and process the transfer of $PZP tokens to the BSC chain. This process involves burning $PZP tokens in the KCC chain and releasing them on the BSC chain.
  3. Only tokens purchased through the IDO are eligible for bridging.
  4. For tokens acquired through the MojitoSwap DEX, investors should directly contact the MojitoSwap team.
  5. All token holders must complete the provided form before the 19th.
  6. No bridge requests will be accepted after 00:00 CET on the 19th.


  1. Go to MojitoSwap claim portal to claim your vested tokens.
  2. Fill out the below google form: ensuring all required details are accurately provided for review.
  3. Our team will promptly add you to an exclusive Telegram group.
  4. Once all bridge requests have been thoroughly reviewed, the team will announce the commencement of the token transfer process using the bridge.
  5. The Playzap team will complete the token transfer process to the BSC chain.

For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our official representatives on Telegram:

  • @Pz0xY
  • @sunnynavani
  • @HarshPlayzap

We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for our valued $PZP token holders and appreciate your ongoing support.

Kind Regards

Playzap Team



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