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5 min readJan 3, 2023

It’s been an eventful year for PlayZap Games. As we look back on the past 12 months, we’re proud to have grown our community, built end-to-end gaming tech, crafted new games, and continue to provide a high-quality gaming experience to our players. We’re also excited to finally release our highly anticipated ´free to play, skill to win´ gaming platform, which offers an innovative new way for gamers to play and compete against other similar skill players and win crypto tokens.

Here is the quick highlight of our 2022 Journey

snapshot of milestones achieved by the playzap team

Product — ready to scale

The team has built out a full-fledged scalable competitive gaming platform for mainstream casual gamers that allows them to compete against each other in small groups, large pooled leagues, or head-on competitions. Along with that, we have rolled out 8 highly engaging games that include all-time classics such as solitaire, puzzle block, bubble shooter, 21 Blackjack, and 8-ball pool (name a few) along with an in-game wallet. Our product is available as a mobile app and can be downloaded here on GooglePlay and Appstore

You can learn more about our gaming app and how it works here

playzap app available free to download from GooglePlay & AppStore
8 games are live under one app

Investors & Partners

We have onboarded 30+ investors who invested in playzap across seed and private rounds. Some of the top investors include KuCoin Labs, Arcanum Capital, WeWay, and DWF Labs. Thank you to everyone who believed in us and supported us despite challenging market conditions. Learn more here

some of our investors in seed & private round

In addition to that, we have some valuable partners including Ready Player Me, Particle Network, BNB SmartChain, Rally Network, and Scuti.


From day 1 of launching playzap, our primary focus was to build an organic sustainable community that would not only play & earn or buy NFTs but participates in the process of product development, giving early feedback as a beta tester in order to help to improve the playing experience. We have an active player community across Telegram (30k), Twitter (40k), and Discord (8k). We continue to build, engage and bring value.

Early Tractions

Our playzap app was in soft release for 8–10 weeks in order to test with real players and improve further in order to build a strong foundation before we were ready to scale. We recently went live on the BSC mainnet with BUSD and $RLY as primary game tokens and tickets as virtual currency.

Some of the interesting KPIs that we have achieved so far with the product

  • 25k app downloads during soft release with strong engagement KPIs of 40min playtime, 4–5 sessions per player, and 8–10 min per session. All organic.
  • After launching on BNB smart chain, we broke into the top 20 in all games and the top 50 in all dapps within a few days
listed as a popular new Dapps on dappradar

Latest Development

  • A new website is up keeping our players, investors, and partner in mind. Have a look here
  • A new whitepaper that is scalable and easy to pick up required info about the project. You can find more here. Updated monthly
  • PlayZap in-game wallet is live on the mobile app which is seamless & secure. More about wallet here
  • A secured grant from Rally Network. Introduced $RLY token as native in-game currency. A detailed announcement will be later
  • Partnered with the BNB team and launched our product on mainnet. here is the contract address
  • Brought 3d customizable avatar for player players partnering with ready player me
  • Announced partnership with Scuti reward marketplace to bring interesting ways to buy physical items and win loyalty points in the game. More info here

Moving Forward in 2023

We enter the new year with a lot of amazing developments across product, marketing, partnership, and community. We continue to build beautiful playing experience for our players that is fun and sustainable over the long term and ready to reach millions of players. We have a lot of interesting updates coming this year, including launching our own $PZP token, the first set of NFTs, launching in new markets, and some valuable partnerships in the process to sign off.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal players, investors, and partners for supporting us in 2022. Your feedback and enthusiasm have been amazing and we are proud to have such an engaged and valuable relationship. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has helped us grow this past year.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best gaming experiences and building something truly special together.

About PlayZap

PlayZap Games is a Free-to-Play community-driven gaming arena where players can use their skills to win prizes, earn tokens & own digital assets. Our unified (One app, many games) gaming platform offers a seamless experience for our players to play high-quality games and compete with others in various competitive contests.

You can download our app here on iOS & Android

PlayZap’s vision is to bring skill-based competitive gaming to mainstream players by offering a secure environment, digital ownership, and a fun gaming experience.

For more information, visit:

For more updates and announcements Twitter, Telegram Announcement, Telegram Group, Discord, Linkedin

Wish you a great 2023! Cheers!
Team PlayZap



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