$PZP Launch Essentials

PlayZap Games
2 min readApr 18, 2023

We’re happy to announce PlayZap Games is going for CEX&DEX listing on the 19th of April 2023, here are some essential details:

1. Claim $PZP

Depending on the place you have invested in $PZP, you will be able to claim from our self-claim portal or from a launchpad claiming portal, to make sure you’re claiming on the right place, please confirm with the place you have invested in.

Instructions to claim your $PZP:

1. Claim from our self-claim portal. This is applicable to all our private investors & few IDO partners.

2. Claim from our IDO partners directly where you have invested. Do check with the IDO/Launchpad.

Time: 10 AM UTC 19th of April
Network: BSC chain.

2. Listing time

We will list on 4 exchanges at launch and the listing times are:

KuCoin & MojitoSwap — 10:10 AM UTC, 19th of April

Gate & BTSE — 1 PM UTC, 19th of April

3. Staking opportunities.

Over $50,000 worth of $PZP tokens will be collected from staking opportunities.

We’ll offer 3 different places to stake your $PZP tokens if you would like to receive more $PZP just for keeping your tokens on the staking portal!

a) https://stake.playzap.games/

b) https://www.kucoin.com/

c) https://www.gate.io/

4. Trading competition.

Over $40,000 worth of $PZP tokens are to be collected from trading competition opportunities. Once again we will offer 3 different places for you to win more $PZP tokens!

a) https://www.kucoin.com/

b) https://www.gate.io/

c) https://www.btse.com/en/home

5. Important events



About PlayZap

PlayZap Game is a skill-based competitive gaming platform focused on mainstream causal gamers, built on blockchain technology with a sustainable token economy and powered by NFTs. Built on the core principle of ´Free to Play. Skill to Earn´

PlayZap offers a unified (One app, many games) gaming platform that offers a seamless experience for our players to play high-quality casual games like solitaire, 21 cards, 8 ball pool, match master, and many more to compete with other players in competitive formats such as Daily league, Group or PvP competition.

PlayZap app is available on Google PlayStore & AppStore for free to download.

For more updates and announcements Website, Whitepaper, Twitter, Telegram Announcement, Telegram Group, Discord, Linkedin



PlayZap Games

Free to Play. Skill to Earn. A web3 gaming platform for casual competitive gamers powered by $PZP